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Key to the success of William Sesing Construction, Inc. is the use of specialty crews. In building his homes, Sesing employs a system of carpentry and finishing in which members of his building team specialize in a particular construction process. Sesing is the only builder in the area to use this building technique. The benefits are many, including the expertise each crew lends to that particular construction step they are a part of.

Rough Crew
Realizing quality starts at the foundation, the Rough Crew utilizes a laser to ensure each wall, sill plate and interior and exterior wall is level and plum throughout construction. Personal preference and house design dictate the floor system, whether it be floor trusses, TGI's or 2x12's.
   Continuing with quality, tongue and groove fir plywood is used for floor decking, and is glued, nailed and/or screwed down to provide a solid floor. All exterior walls are 2" x 6", and are constructed on site, as are the 2" x 4" interior walls. Exterior walls are wrapped in Tyvek to ensure minimal air infiltration.

Roofing Crew
Following the Rough Crew, the Roofing Crew steps in to complete the framing process. Once the roof trusses are set and sheathed, the Roofing Crew installs all flashing and edging, and prepares the roof for shingles.
   Customers are provided with a choice of shingle style and color. Extra attention is paid to the areas of the roof for snow loads, and is constructed accordingly.
   After completing the roof, the Crew installs windows and doors, using a level to ensure proper installation. Customers choose the window and door manufacturers during the bidding process, which again, allows for a truly custom home.

Siding Crew
Construction of a truly custom home continues with the Siding Crew. Again, during the bidding process, the customer chooses the exterior colors of the siding, soffit and fascia, as well as the gutters and downspouts. The Siding Crew, dedicated to the exterior finish of each home, installs the siding, whether vinyl, aluminum, steel or cedar. From design to completion, close attention is paid to the exterior colors to ensure an eye catching combination of color.

Mason Crew
Brick exteriors, flatwork, basement and garage floors, and fireplaces are the specialties of the Mason Crew. From custom designed driveways and walkways, to custom fireplaces, with over 30 years of combined experience each project is completed with the same quality you would expect from a "Sesing" home. Retaining control over the mason work ensures quality in detail.

Finish Crew
Combining over 70 years of experience, the Finish Crew adds the finishing touch to all Sesing projects. From custom staircases, cabinets, entertainment centers and mantels, the quality and list of projects is endless. Each finish carpenter pays close attention to detail when completing the trim work in each home, and lends their expertise to the customer through suggestions on ways to truly customize their home. Quality finish work is just another facet of the quality craftsmanship demonstrated by each Sesing employee.

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